Who Do We Choose?

Bridal Party

This is a special time to sit and talk about the important people in your lives, meaning! Who’s there for you? Apart from your Mums, Dads and or, Grandparents as they have their own roles already set for the day. This is one of the most personal aspects of wedding planning, choosing your favourite people to help you journey your wedding day. 0W4A7425

Anyone you both have chosen to have in your Bridal Party would’ve been chosen with great thought, the qualities of Best Man, Maid of honour, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids and Page Boys and  Flower Girls. It is with great pride and love the chosen ones are a reflection of how the Bride and Groom feel toward them. These special people are part of the happy couple’s family and closest friends, people who probably have been in their lives since birth or school days or met thru life’s journeys  and circumstances time where a friendship was made and nurtured.

Friends Be Like Family

Something about the closeness of friendships, the realness shared, the memories of the good, bad and the unforgettable. That companionship that comes from days and seasons and years of being there for each other, even when sh%# hit the fan and stuff went everywhere, seeing the real friendship hold thru the bad times and come away still with the same or if not more respect and love, shows the trueness of ones heart.

Choosing family over friends or friends over family as your bridal clan can be tricky, especially if the whole point is just to be in the bridal clan for their own reasons and nothing about YOU guys! The bride and groom. Wether it be family or friends, it’s probably not a good idea to have the added stress of someone in your bridal clan for reasons of their own enjoyment. Friends / Family whoever they may be, remember these people will be in your beautiful wedding photos, videos and memories forever, you’ll want to see people who you adore. _MG_8759

Real knows Real

Yes the added effect of who you didn’t choose will have its own complications. The mere fact that the auto assumption to have people in your bridal just because they family or because your parents say so, really gives an added stress point you and your fiance don’t need. _MG_8759

When no cultural protocols have any influence on the wedding, the politics of who should be in the bridal clan really is up to the bride and groom. For the assumptors who thought they should be in the bridal clan, instead who has been chosen, show signs of bad behaviour, it’s a good indicator that you’ve made the right choice. Go on your own instincts, what feels right for you both. As on the day the last thing you need is a needy bridal person wanting to steal the show. In most cases this doesn’t happen, but true to life it can and does happen. Best choose wisely for your special day.

Family and Friends

This is where you’ll find who you can depend on for help, who will go out of their way for you and according to your budget, you’ll also know how many you can have in your bridal party. After all your Wedding day is such an important day for you and your fiance. The people who come forward to help albeit, that you asked them, these are the people who have watched you and your fiance nurture a relationship into a love. They feel your love for each other and only want the best for you. 0W4A3964

Makes sense as to why you would have them in your Bridal Party. I mean apart from Mum and Dad of course theres your friends, brothers, sisters and cousins, all who would be honoured to be a part of your special day. These are the people who know you two best, you’re likes and dislikes on just about anything about you.

Once the bridal party is confirmed its onto the next wedding thing to do. In the meantime this is a good time for the bridal party to sort the bachelorette and bachelor parties.


Whats more fun on your wedding day, than having your nearest and closest peeps in your bridal clan helping you get dressed and made up to the very top notch, then to enjoy celebrating and wishing nothing but the best for you both and having the best-est day recorded for ever, the photos, the memories, the video will show emotion no matter who you choose, so best to have people you both adore! Congratulations!

4 thoughts on “Who Do We Choose?

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      Hello. Thanks a lot for this amazing article. I really find myself in everything you said and I would like to summarize a bit and what I went through.

      In October 2019 I had the wedding and I want to say that it was the most beautiful moment ever.
      Over the years we have received many tips, the organization of the wedding and how to choose the participants but I and my wife did as we wished. Although it was sometimes frustrating to be told what to do, but we listened and did as we wanted. Those who helped us in the beginning were family members, and friends were only at the party. The party was beautiful too, we were a little stressed but everything went as we expected. In conclusion, my advice for people who want to get married is to organize everything how they want and how they feel. Thanks again for this

      Wish you all the best! 

      • Author gravatar

        Aww Lovers in Love, and you both knew what you both wanted for your wedding day, thats awesome! Never mind the frustrating moments, it was all part the beautiful journey. 

        I can only imagine your beautiful well planned wedding day was everything you both wanted. Lovely to look back at an absolute love filled and joyful day.

        Congratulations 🙂

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      This is a very tricky and sensitive topic. That’s why I am more on the side of elopement if I think about having to invite someone I truly don’t want to… Because juggling between your own wants and family expectations can be very stressful for many. I have seen it while being part of friends’ wedding planning. Unfortunately I have even witnessed drama on the actual wedding day, caused by the person who neither bride or groom wanted there, but were obliged to invite her because of family demands.

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        Hey 🙂 Oh Yes, I totally understand, Im all for whatever the Lovers to decide, after all they are the ones wanting to celebrate their Love with their loved ones, totally get your thoughts of elopement and it sounds kinda sexy too. lol 🙂

        Times when issues cannot be resolved and family demands the Lovers put on a brave face and just get married, sounds nothing like I’ve witnessed, Im sorry, you had seen this, It must’ve been very hurtful day for everyone.

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