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What is this? 4Kings1War

So i’ll start by saying if you like Chess? AND you’re lovingly open to wanting more than the 64 squares, step aside dear one, Four Kings One War has arrived, with a YAA WAHOO WOW WOAH, crash, slide and landed into a cave no one can find, why the hell can no-one find us?

What I am saying is 4kings1war needs players, and for players to play against, yes we have a lot of interest and wonderful to see and communicate with, I guess, looking for influential people who like to play chess and could see there could be a next level in strategy mind thought chessic gaming, that would could be LOVING to enough share with your world xx would be awesome moment in history, from the outside of my knowledge all who have never seen or heard of 4k1w this would be, what?, what do you want me to do? and I know theres a lot of you out there 🙂 Online is the easiest ‘at the moment’ to play and test your rank, start with our Morpheus the AI, the Artificial Intelligent one, wether you play strategy games organically or online, we’d love to you to visit, http:/ ………. players players, start with the demo, its free at

The organic board, which is, Woah! awesome to admire yes! its a great crowd gatherer and for any strategist, wanting to flex their mind muscle and go past the 64th square, this is a game changer, for the last 1400 yrs, chess has only allowed for one army vs one army and a vicinity of just 64 squares, such a confinement in this day of age, I havent played 4kings1war in a while, but bugger being confined, even if I equate that to the world we live in, we are only bound by our own mind. A lot of us are not like that, lol hold up lol, theres a lot that are, as they just don’t know yet!

Ive seen people come with inquisitive minds and quickly catch on to the game play, they are sucked into the awe of the hidden attack  play, given the 2 move per turn ruling, Hmm! so its a 2 player game, each player has 2 moves per turn, though you cannot move the same piece twice in one turn ie: the same piece cannot move twice in one’s 2 move turn. This allows for hidden attacks and if your not watching they can be sneaky and stealth, Many times  the question arises, oh wow! I can do that ? Guerrilla warfare tactics, this game possesses , to capture the opposition’s 2 Kings is, game over!!

Let the world know, its OK to share ….. go on :))

Being very newborn to writing let alone marketing or sharing my ideas or playing 4kings1war :P, I’m stuck in some ways about how to showcase this beast of board game to the world, as there is not only is there a organic board game that you can flex your brain on, better still while in the interim of the organic game board, there is also an online game, visit steam http:/ an online gaming mecca, you’ll find four kings one war there waiting for you, taking you beyond 64sq and into the realm of 192sq battling arena.

Be mindful which square you land on.Be Careful

I’ve watched this game play out over and over, and never have I seen or heard anyone walk away after playing stating that was a crap game. More often its “Where can I buy a board from? I want one! Ive seen many people excited, like, their little kid within them has won an influential game, a game that less than .000001% of the planets adults has played, and they LOVE IT, they wanna play more. Yes, Yes! I get it, not everyone loves to play chess, let alone Four Kings One War.

Everyone Share this good thing!

Where did you all go? Living your own dream

There was a time when Four Kings One War was a weekly happening, we called it Freaky Friday, forever looking forward to the end of the working week, consistently players would come to play, we eventually named the chapter Cedar Terrace Kings.

The 4Kings1War Culture was born, a haze of pretty cool dudes came every week, sometimes a few and sometimes many, our chapter was tight, this was the golden days, they were lit, each Friday people were into it, the majority being in their early 20s, hip hop music was a favourite, ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Amigos, Biggie, Travis Scott, Post Malone, WuTang Clan and many more they were just to name a few, the players would play game after game after game, it was madness and excitement, we often talked about which rappers would be down for a game or two, lol hey, maybe be an influencer for the 4k1w, they are the dreams and manifestation of what love is about. Yes Love has a drive in many thoughts and manifestations, ours is Four Kings One War.FF organic gaming

As time went on The executives were keen to push this game out further into the public arena, with day jobs as well as working on 4Kings1War, we burn the candle at both ends, 4Kings1War forges thru hardship and desire. No Doubt! I can see this 4Kings1War Freaky Friday gathering being resurrected in the future not only our chapter but also around the planetary tenfold.

Where is 4Kings1War ? Where is our location?

Well Im speaking in past and now sense, as we need to get this game board noticed, ideally by someone of Influence, but also to create a buzz, so we did a hidden location and asked followers, players and the community to guess where the board’s location was at. A lot of answers and of course those who knew the familiar location, would answer right.

There are many paths I know this 4Kings1War will journey and its only the beginning in the online Marketing arena, like others Im pushing this ship out, i feel people need to know and want to know, I’d be doing an injustice to myself and 4Kings1War if I left it to a few others and decided I’d talk about something else, totally irrelevant to the chessic and gaming community.

So where is our location? On the planet? We are New Zealanders, living in New Zealand. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations to travel showcasing this game to the world, definitely have made a name in our own backyard but our planet is all of ours,  the need to share is vital to keep this game alive.Gulf Harbour Visit

Many a discussion into the wee hours of the morning night, we talk about how this game can influence primary, secondary and tertiary establishments, gifted, autistic, analytical, prodigy minds, we dream of Magnus Carlsen or Richard Branson, catching their eyes and mind’s attention, oh wow! Imagine if they played Four Kings One War, and loved it……My mind starts to boggle.

Whats next with 4Kings1War?

Thats a fantastic question :)) as there is a lot going on behind the scenes, you’ve heard the saying many hands make light work, I guess the same goes for many minds make for confusion, and all the while we all want to help, Four Kings One War has a journey its self to be discovered, on the verge of world wide domination, the planetary saturation would be immense and so gratifying, I can see many organisations being a part of the Four Kings One War movement. They just need to know about first. I invited anyone who can influence others to play 4Kings1War to do so via our online game platform.

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      When I saw the logo of Steam, I told myself this is not a cheap scammy type of online game but rather something that runs on a well-known platform. I’ve been to online gaming for years now, play a lot of games spearheaded by the team at Steam and I think this one will make a hit among chess players or any group that is looking for a new thrill. I’m going to check it out and test the games by starting in the free-to-play game in the platform. Thanks for sharing!

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Gomer :)) oh you are so right, not cheap and definitely not scammy lol :)) yes steam chuggs along opening its platform to many gaming lovers, very reputable I agree, yes please play and test Morpheus our AI he’ll enjoy the challenge as he will play to your level and as alway try to beat you. The better you become as so he does, your very welcome, thank you for your comment and feedback. We would welcome any feedback on the steam platform also :))

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      Well! this is the first time I will come across this game, 4kings 1war and I must say that it looks rather enticing enough to me as it seems to be an advancement to chess. I am a good chess player and I spend most of my free time trying to play with people but seeing this one and even the set up seems rather interesting. I will head to YouTube right now to checkout how it is being played and maybe, it will be the next board game that I will buy.

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        Hey Roddarrick :)) Fantastic, great to hear your love of chess and your open mind to explore the next level in strategy gaming. Four Kings One War is a mind muscle flexer to take you and your opposition to battles never explored but have always been there lol, and this is just the beginning of the journey, so delighted your interest has captured 4kings1war’s attention, players and sharers are what we are looking for. Thank you for your comments and feedback they are very much appreciated.

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      What an interesting concept! My 9 year old son loves to play chess and I’m sure he would jump at the chance to extend the strategic game onto a larger board. Are the general rules and game pieces the same as chess or is 4Kings1War a completely different set of rules? 

      He has a steam account and plays games there often. I will pass along your link to him so he can give your game a try. Thanks so much for introducing me to it!

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Shan 🙂 Ah yes, its a good time to open the playing arena to 192sq, your son will love it. Yes if you can play chess you can definitely play 4kings1war, head over to for rules in detail. The Pawn and the Knight are the only pieces that have slight adjustments, the pawn has more forward movement by player choice, and the knight has a lethal double hop option as long as the transitional square is free. Having a steam account makes the travel to play 4kings1war very easy. Your’e very welcome and thank you for feedback and comment :)) 

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      I have heard quite a lot about this board game from my colleagues at work and I finally got to play it yesterday and ever since then, I have been on the hunt to get as many information as I can get on this game. I like the dynamism attached to it and it seems very distinct and interesting. 4king 1war is surely a must get for me. I have been a big time fan of chess as been my best board game but I fear that is about o come to an end with this.

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        Hey Shelley :)) Wow! Really!! That is fantastic, music to my ears, more info can be found at This game has beautiful flow in play and is also beautifully brutal in dynamism, you will be pushed to flex your mind muscle even more than ever, with 2 armies in your regiment, really does open the battle arena that you will begin to imagine the never-ending possibilities. I look forward to the future of this game, and the journey it holds, Thank you for your comments :)) 

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      I for one love chess..Just don’t know very much about it..But this is great tool to teach people how to play, which is great! Never realized there was so much information on chess… Very detailed on every paragraph.. Next time my 12 year old wants to play chess, I can take advantage..By having to read your article to help me play! Thank you, maybe I finally be able to beat him this time…Thank you!!! Read good article…Great work! Best of luck to ya:)

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        Hey Genia :)) oh thats fantastic, you love chess, well 4kings1war can broaden that love too, yes a great teaching tool in schools, organisations, clubs and so many more places we can spread this game to across the planet. We have so much in store for this new game. yes! Definitely take advantage of the new arena playing with your son, the stealth set ups and hidden attacks can take you into a rabbit hole scratching your head in what the heck just happened!! lol Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your feedback :)) Have a lovely day :))

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      This game is really interesting and I’m actually looking forward to playing it. You made mention of something about chess lovers, please is this game only meant for those who have background knowledge of chess?? I know quite much about chess and I can say that this game will be very interesting and I love trying out more complex and adventurous games so I’ll check it out. 

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        Hey DreaJay oh my! If like chess, you’ll love 4kings1war, without a doubt, and no! absolutely not just for knowers and players of the chess world, definitely not the case, having a background knowledge in chess, helps somewhat, as the pieces move in the same way as chess. The Pawn and the Knight have a couple of tweeks to their moves, to cater to the larger battle arena. Check out for a comprehensive outlook at the rules. Also Glyn will happily answer more in depth questions attaining to the rules via the 4kings1war website or the steam platform.

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