The Venue

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing the Wedding Venue, Its one of the most well asked questions….. when an engaged couple ask each other, Where can we get married that’s special to us both? 0W4A7154

The world wide web is one of the top tools to use when searching for that perfect venue. If you already know where you will get hitched, Fantastic, congratulations, that’s the best news! Off with a thought in mind of how you both will visualize your special day?

I mean the whole day, from getting ready to the nighttime celebrations having fun dancing the night away.

Your style of wedding, may it be traditional, rustic, romantic, modern, backyard chic, cultural or if you’re lucky enough to have a destination getaway wedding, you can definitely start with knowing you expense budget.

How much do you want to spend?

I know, I know. Why did I have to say expenses?

Well! By far the venue, food, drinks, cake and entertainment will take up most of the wedding expense budget.

It can take a little juggling round if your wedding is set with a firm budget, good in a lot of ways, as your wedding is a memorable day, and you certainly don’t wanna go broke getting married.

Remember ask family/ friends to help, I’m sure they would be honoured.

Your Theme Choice

Choose the venue together for your wedding day.

This is just the beginning of a journey that can build the most loving relationship ever ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s so many things, items, suppliers to talk to and to book in for your special day.

So work smart and most importantly work together. Searching for you perfect venue, have in mind your theme or style of wedding.

Input from both of you will help bring your wedding day together in such a way where your families will admire, a happy couple in love, investing their time together for a special moment in their married life.

Otherwise lol whats the point!IMGL2873

Visiting different venues comparing prices, food and drink selections, catering to food allergies without extra pricing Quota by head, services only to that venue that are included in the price.

Ask what gives them that edge from their competitors?

Also time schedules and time limits, venue help by way of in house co-ordinator for the day, hire-age of props ie: Ceremony and Reception decor/furniture.

In house entertainment by way of a live band or DJ and also sound control.

There is a lot to think and talk about, then to confirm the venue by way of deposit. lol

Make sure the day you decide to get married is the date available.

You’ve Booked the Venue

Congratulations you’ve booked the Wedding venue, and paid the deposit. The venue is now yours for your special day.

Please make sure the booking coordinator doesn’t double book another wedding on that same day. I’ve seen that happen before and it’s horribly sad.

A lot of your wed details will be dependent on the venue booked.

Now this day is all about the two of you and you wanna make it about the two of you,ย  Your Wedding Day celebration goes all too quick, so …. and before you realize the night has come to an end.0W4A0569

Make sure you plan well!ย  Be prepared for any bumps on the day. Ask questions, ask lots of questions. The venue co-ordinator is there to answer all questions too weird and wonderful.

Having the Wedding ceremony at the same place where the reception is held, may help your guests feel at ease.

A pleasant stroll over to the refreshments station will give your guests a sense of enjoyment to relax and enjoy the day/evening ahead. With no need to drive for the remainder of the Wedding, it’s time to celebrate._MG_8717

Something in thought that will help family/friends and guests coming from overseas!

Your venue co-ordinator may mention available accomodation or nearby getaways where guests can stay, the added touch of thought for your guests via invitations brings a feeling the couple have it sorted.

So Nice!

There’s so much to think about, the mind boggles to say the least. So!

The venue is booked.

The Wedding day and Venue has been confirmed. Excited in Love ๐Ÿ™‚

In amongst the flurry of collecting ideas for your wedding, I would hope that this read has given you some helpful ideas or even if you have questions to my content please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

Love and success always

Erika ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “The Venue

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      My daughter is in this stage of choosing a wedding venue and it is quite a task. They both reside in Boston. Her fiancee is from California and she is from Guam. So, herein lies the challenge. They have been looking at venues in California and I have been looking at venues on Guam for her. They have yet to decide where it will be. We are all excited to see what they decide.

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Geri

        Oh congratulations for your daughter and her fiancee, the air of deciding where and how, yes a task at hand.
        Exciting and also wanting that cultural influence to be honoured, yeah i get it.
        Important times ahead bringing Guam and California together in Boston, I can almost feel your excitement upon their decision.
        I wish you many happy moments in the journey of your daughter and fiancee’s wedding venue decision.

    • Author gravatar

      hello, i really want to appreciate your effort in putting together such a beautiful and informative website and writing this article. getting venues for weddings can be a demanding task. i have a cousin who is about to be married and i havent had a peaceful night of sleep because of the selection of the venue. i think this will help alot thanks.

      • Author gravatar

        Oh wow! yes its challenging and stressful, only just because they wanna get it right, right? If the Lovers can happily choose together, thats a winner. Good luck for your cousin’s wedding. I hope you have a wonderful time.

        Erika ๐Ÿ™‚

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      This is a great idea. It will be very helpful to those who are planning a wedding. Your use of images connected well with your topic. You did a very good job addressing the topic in this post. I wish you the very best and much success with your website.


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      ๏ปฟThis is a great idea. It will be very helpful to those who are planning a wedding. Your use of images connected well with your topic. You did a very good job addressing the topic in this post. I wish you the very best and much success with your website.

      If you have a few moments would you please visit my website and let me know what you think. I would appreciate your comments.
      Thank you, Barbara


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      Hello Erika.

      I am from the old school and married for several years and at that time the wedding was entirely paid for by the parents of the bride and they decided  the place and the theme adopted for the ceremony.

      The groom’s role was to find a place to live and provide the furniture.

      Other times other customs.

      If I had to do it again, I would like to decide with my future wife on all the details of our marriage.

      But I have absolutely no regrets the way it happened.

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