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I really thought it was just Wedding invitations and thank you cards, but oh no! There is so much more, the wedding stationery can be tailored to your theme or style of wedding. It sets the tone for the overall wedding, as colour and style come to thought. It will also open the palette of colour choice for bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen attire, flowers from bridal bouquets and groomsmen’s pinholes to ceremony and reception decor and etiquette. The stationery will show a theme to the invited guests something personalised in writing from you, which will capture and hold a memory of endearment. _MG_8484With so much thought given to the words, wedding stationery can be a wonderful guide to the proceedings for the day. So as mentioned a full range of wedding stationery can consist of Invitations, Cards, Boards, Notes, Menus, Programmes, Books and Signage. The array of online options for your Wedding stationery is 100% fantastic ,if your budget is catered for and allows you to have a bit of flair. There’s so many ideas, its limitless to only your style and theme.

Give yourself time to look over whats online, wedding prep in facebook groups, pinterest and the big world wide web, scrapbooks, other places to search would be countless wedding magazines, craft stores or talking to your local printer maybe with negotiations a package can be sorted with a mix of Wedding stationery to suit your Wedding theme.0W4A9853.CR2

Options of layouts, fonts, colours and styles are all so so considered. The actual wording says a lot about how the invitation/card reads. It also gives the invitee dress etiquette required for the Wedding day, for instance, dress code is a biggie, rocking up to a beach ceremony in stilettos and a fascinator could end up being a little gritty to say the least. Knowing the location of the ceremony and whether the reception will follow on at the same location can really help your guests, especially when all wedding stationery is themed and styled the same, to me its a lovely extension of Wedding detailing. Placement of words on your Wedding stationery can give the invitee a lot of information as to what to prepare for.

Heres to the DIYers, making your own wedding stationery, gosh! the options are endless, bear in mind with so much to plan, it can be possibly very time-consuming. Making sure each and every stationery card and Invitation looks exactly the same, with the same wording and level of flair and character is as the same as the next invitation or card albeit apart from the invitees names. this is where family/friends can aid in the of preparing for the big Day.

Online Invitations or Posted Invitations

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Nowadays the option to inform guests online gives the couple’ another choice and of course the paper stationery has been the way to deliver posted Invitations. It’s an exciting time as an invitee to a wedding, the online or paper invitation emailed or posted to you is an exciting time and one to look forward to.

Wedding Stationery can be made with character and flair or maybe even a little fun, this infuses excitement can help with getting the guest to RSVP sooner rather than later.

Thats big positive, as chasing RSVPs before due date while trying to sort a million other details for the Wedding can be exhausting and frustrating. Counteract the exhausting and frustrating with maybe the invitees were a little busy at the time of remembering to RSVP :))

Now with the venue booked and confirmed, a theme chosen can start to come together, something special which personalises you both implemented into the Wedding Stationery, whether the theme be traditional, romantic, modern, rustic, backyard etc…  so the stationery really can set the style tone of the occasion. Adding a touch of fun to your stationery whether in the font, the wording, colour and style, will definitely give the guests a feeling of excitement and something to look forward to.

After all Weddings are a pleasure and even better if you’re invited.


Reception Celebrations

A lot of the Wedding stationery will be noticed at the reception around the guest tables mingling with the table decorations, plating/ cutlery and glassware.

To carry the same theme through from the beginning of the engagement notices to the Wedding invitations to the menus, table names and thank you bags, all carrying the same theme really gives the Wedding proceedings a wonderful flow effect.0W4A9111

No name cards placed on guest tables, can be a unneeded pile up of guests wanting to take a seat, as the confusion of wanting to sit with family or friends not seen in awhile, leaves table spaces empty and possibly food served and untouched with guests not actually eating the served/catered meals.

Looking at wedding stationery in an objective way opens up an understanding for flow and thoughtfulness throughout the day’s celebrations and in new ways, it’s a way to meet new people and make new family connections.

Thank you


Nowadays, our living styles give us many options to prepare for such celebrations and the flexibility to have your Wedding stationery custom made for your day. It will have a memorable effect of your Wedding Day.

The  little details that capture the moment, guests love to remember the little details of a Wedding Day.

In amongst the flurry of collecting ideas for your wedding, I would hope that this read has given you some helpful ideas or even if you have questions to my content please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Love and success always

Erika 🙂

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      During my wedding, I am thankful that my friend from Singapore came to help us with the decorations. Even thou we pay for their services, they did a marvelous job by preparing a huge love shape that made out of paper folded bird. We got the huge cloud made out of the wools. We did spend quite a bit at our wedding. But moving forward I think it is good to spend minimum o the wedding. Do you have any idea how we can DIY our own wedding stationaries?

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        Hey Jonathan, The world is your oyster for your theme and style wedding you both choose, congratulations to your love for each other its such a wonderful feeling having found the one!
        I feel the Venue choice will set the tone of how your wedding stationery will unfold, if you are planning to go into the DIY wedding stationery business? Start with a plan, have variety, also affordability and quality products your clients will love. Pinterest has wonderful ideas and also try something cultural and incorporate it into your product.

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      Hi Erika,

      I’m not married (yet), but this article hits the nail on the head. Not only do I want an unforgettable venue, but I also want to make it a personal affair. Things like name plates on the dining tables for example, is a must in my opinion. I’m not sure how to put it in words, but I love paying attention to detail. Therefore I want the entire wedding (not just the ceremony), including diner and the party, to be exciting to my guests, not just to me and my future wife. Thanks for this great article!

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        hey Kevin
        Thank you, yes attention to wedding detail has to be on point, totally agree, otherwise guests and personal preparation goes out the window, with a flurry of what, where, why? You sound like a sweet guy wanting nothing but the best for your future. Cheers to that 🙂

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      These Wedding Bliss cards seem very like a very good way to reach out to guests prior to the event .As well a good way to help with seating during the reception . It is a very unique idea that will to make a better wedding experience . Thanks for the share and and have a good day .

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      What a beautiful website! It’s visually so stunning to look at! You are right, wedding stationary really does set the tone for the day. Of the wedddings I’ve been to, it really is the little touches that you remember- it’s the perfect blend of organisation and magic. It can really help if you have a specific theme also. There’s so many options with weddings these days, but you lay it out nice and simply. I think anyone planning a wedding would find this very helpful 🙂

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