Four Kings One War

The Polystyrene Prototype #4kings1war gameboard

The Polystyrene Prototype #4kings1war Gameboard

How does it fit together? Oh Wow! That’s Amazing !

Its was a Saturday afternoon, the house having 4 children always seemed to have a half-way house feel about it, people into and out, teenagers and their friends and our good friend Glyn, being a close one, he cruise’s on in, carrying a big plastic bag with a handle, inside the contents of the #4kings1war prototype Polystyrene carved blocks.

Nine pieces inclusive of one thin-ish flat polystyrene floor (base) with the checkerboard print arena, which you can play chess on. Then the 4 terrace pieces, each terrace having 3 steps up also covered with the checkerboard print and lastly the corner turrets painted the look of concrete. The floor and terraces are the playing battleground and the turrets corner pieces are a holding place for the captured pieces. When the polystyrene pieces are put together, add the armies (chess pieces) and the arena is ready for a game of Four Kings One War, I stepped back in awe thinking in my head, Oh Wow! That looks so flipping Amazing!Polystyrene prototype 4kings1war gameboard

Polystyrene Gameboard

I remember an excitement sprinkling through the house, people who visited would catch a glimpse of this board and because from a distance, its looks like people are looking down into something of interest with concentration and intrigue, wait oh, they’re playing something? What is it? Can’t help but wanna come over and have a look ….. Wow! What is this? A lot people say that same question, even to this day lol, they have a look and say ‘its chess….. oh is it chess?, we say :)) Nah mate 🙂 its Fourkingsonewar.

For the love of the game Glyn had made a few of these polystyrene game boards, good thing about these game boards is that you could still play chess if you wanted to, not that I’d want people to, but the choice is there! You can play chess either on the flat surface (as normal) or two terraces put together for a 3D effect, the 4kings1war playing arena is light enough to carry and play when and wherever a flat surface is available. I remember many a time on the housedeck early Saturday afternoons, 4kings1war, players and viewers would huddle round to watch the intense thought and gurellia warfare game play out. I started to capture the movement as I could see a momentum being born, Four Kings One War had a born culture of players. Wow! again! :))

Capture the Culture

The #4kings1war polystyrene prototype game board, yes its light, chunky and big, it’s an eye catcher, even if its for a just a milli second lol 🙂 gosh I sound like I’m exaggerating but from my point of view it is a wonderful piece of mind architecture brought to fruition. At that moment then, we had our polystyrene game boards and were playing #4k1w and everyone who was interested wanted to play, kids, teenagers, early 20s and adult, guy and girls alike, and its funny watching people’s reactions, their brain activity showing thought and emotion, hmm interesting I thought, I can photograph this whole story of 4kings1war and offer some help in the form of what I love to do, which is, photograph emotion, and give back, maybe even be a part of showing the world, this intelligent new board game capturing a culture at Four Kings One War., #4kw1,, 4kings1war.comKids play chess4kings1war in play

Wow! The 4kings1war Culture

Each Saturday afternoon that passed by was filled with people’s intrigue, music, laughter, cold drinks and as i would like to call the 4kings1war gameboard, “The spaceship”. This game became an icon in my eyes and head and still is, because of the draw it holds, I remember so many people catching onto this catch phrase four kings one war, and talking about, so many people came near and far to see and play, and I loved every second of it all, capturing it all, I felt like I was the first in the world to photograph this icon, it became a new learning ground for my photography, patience, patience and more patience, like watching a move happen, then pause and wait for a response action all the while being present because I didn’t actually know when a player was gonna make a move, it was all very intense at times, but good times, sometimes competitive and intense too, lol, that’s us, as humans can be quite animated with our hands in a competitive mindgame and because the Polystyrene prototype was set in pieces, sometimes the gameboard would move around and knock pieces over… an outwardly loud “lipsmack and eye roll vibe of competitive frustration’ would be overt, where was that piece standing? like which square? breaking the flow of the game intermittently………….so as it was meant to be in the background of the daily grind a one piece board was been drawn up, cut, built and painted.

Where are the Polystyrene game boards now?

For the love of the game, Glyn had made a few of these relics and are in play today, just 3, I think, and the Aim of the game is to capture the 2 Kings, remains. So now, my travels to photographing a one piece playing arena begins, once again Wow! The amazing person who drew up this architecture, cut it, and built it to resemble an anicent roman Colosseum from the 750BC era, could The Spaceship be a return home to earth from 750BC. Eek! Holy Moly!! Ok! I’m going way off track here, lol but my mind does boggle from time to time, but I dont think I’m out of my mind 🙂 I liken to fantasize the what if’s and could be’s of past should be’s, maybe this arena could’ve been in an anicent roman children’s classroom? Wow! How about that, thought for food and conversation? lol 🙂

A ancient roman Colosseum playing arena for the mind and using pieces, thought to have been derived from the Indian/Persian empires around 6AD and now the 2 components, the gameboard and pieces have found another way to evolve outside and beyond of the 64squares of the has always been.http://<script data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7846592183860624″ async src=””></script>

Four kings one war entertains freaky friday

6 thoughts on “The Polystyrene Prototype #4kings1war gameboard

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      This board game looks like the real deal here. I have not heard of the 4kings 1war game board here but the way you have spoken about it sounds really cool like something I and my friends will really enjoy playing. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the game here on your website though. Your use of imagery is very good. I understand that one can play chess on it so there must be some boxes on the board. Nice post.

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Henderson Thanks for your feedback, Im so excited to be talking about because its from my view as a photographer and a closet wannabe player lol, only played 2 games if that, reason? ha I dont like losing, so i dont play, so wrong lol :))  but have watched many and photographed a game over the time. Im thinking as my lessons further which im really enjoying btw, exciting lol, the imagery will appear as Im not sure how to add images without stuffing my web shop’s back up 

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      this is rater interesting to know of as i have never heard about any polystyrene prototype 4kings 1war gameboard before and neither have i ever seen people playing it in my presence or heard about it but then, going by your presentation here, i feel that this would be an interesting one to see since it has to do with both strategy and  a lot of technique. this is great to know of and i will surely make more researches on it to identify what it i truly all about and if it could be recreated.

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Rodarrick, 

        Thank you for your comments, yes i can understand you’re interest, boy! Its an amazing game and there is much to talk about, #4k1w could have their own magazine, I can only imagine, but very possible, the culture of Four Kings One War is a journey, from humble beginnings of the polystrene prototype (bless that arena) to present, Im so respectful and humbled by your comment, I look forward to my journey in writing more.  

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      to know about the world, they often advise that we learn all about the little things of the past that has been coerced into our normal living of no to make us enjoy what we do much more easily. This is really interesting to have been read on. the polystytene prototype 4kings 1war gameboard seems to be an encompass of beauty in strategy and to me, that is very awesome. But then, i wish to inquire if there is ever a place you can suggest in the Us that i can buy the gameboard from or anywhere i could possibly place an order online for it.

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