Four Kings One War

The 4kings1war Colosseum Gameboard

The new 4kings1war Colosseum gameboard

Food for thought? or many thoughts over food consumption šŸ˜› How was this new 4kings1war gameboard gonna look? To create the look of the 4kings1war gameboard, a family member of Glyn (creator), and his friend drew the first pattern, being makers of the who makes beautiful decorative screens that are designed to perform an array of functions, from privacy screening for the garden to decorative screens as a feature item and other outdoor luxury accessories. Both men designed the look of the 4kings1war board, patterned and cut pieces to fit and details to resemble a Roman colosseum arena. Wow! its impressive, with a pattern for the board a plastic injection type gameboard, funding could be the best option to get this gameboard into new chapters, communities and homes worldwide. setting a next level strategy in gaming.Collage of 4k1w board

Photo and Video shoot 4Kings1War

Omg! I was so out of my comfort zone, to be really honest, the videographers and helpers atĀĀ arrived with all their pro gear looking really professional, lol I felt out of my league in my head, the excitement and buzz surrounding this beauty overclouded my fears, with nothing to lose and everything to learn and gain I started to shoot the atmosphere and emotions of everyone’s focus on this beautiful gameboard and well as the gameboard. Capturing the emotion once again was my focus, being amazing feeling to be a part of, directing how the shoot would carry out with the introduction and interviews of the Creator of 4kings1War Glyn Leggett and his good friend, both men would spend the day working on directing and producing their video to showcase to the www…… of course by the end of the shoot I was fulfilled with my imagery and also surprised with a request of my images for the videographer’s portfolio! Wow!filming at Cedar

Home to edit my images, have I got this?

All the lessons Id been learning on how to shoot in my photography course and now! I had to learn how to edit images …….eek! The images I had captured all the day before, they needed to look like they were exactly what the set had looked like the day before, and if I have done justice to this new gameboard’s photographic look, this would be a mind changer for me as a photographer, to have the confidence to showcase something so valuable in someones mind and heart and do it to their level of acceptance, this was a push in the right direction for never been pushed out of my comfort zone, the emotion within was not normal but because I had nothing to compare I had set my on bar on my own capability. Ever yearning to be for acceptance to be a part of was my fear, something i have always carried because I was always told never good enough… funny the words spoken to you as a child, positive or negative, they have a tsunami effect on the mindset and for some of us, there’s just no getting over it, unless the internal drive is to be pushed.Capture The Kings

To Photoshop or Lightroom

Gave photoshop a try, great, fantastic, and much to learn, but! my brain wasn’t having it, for a learner editor do yourself a favour, if you’re just wanting to enhance the look of the image you’ve taken, try the light room route, and as the images were needed asAp for publishing, Lightroom was my saviour, light, dark, exposure, colour, black and white, shading, highlighting warm, cool, saturation and cropping, my advice is start with Lightroom and have some patience with yourself, there is a lot in light room to produce beautiful images, yes photoshop is great for the mixing and making beautiful illusional imagery, and still to this day, edit my preference in Lightroom, there’s a great light room app for the mobile phone photographer, I’m yet to try out. As it turned out i didn’t really need to do much editing apart from images that having different shades of black background.To shop or to room

Yes! Go learn how to edit

Learning how to edit an image you’ve taken comes with a great accomplishment and desire to want to keep taking photos, especially if its a great shot! The compliments from others is wonderful and it sets a bar of achievement for yourself, the next thing is find something you love to photograph, having too many genres can lessen your desire, so stick to something you love and you will become better at refining and editing that genre. There are many editing applications online you can choose to suit your level, I find using an editing application thats inexpensive and easy to use is the best path to journey yourself to the level.learn to Edit

Do you have the confidence? Never measure yourself with anyone

I always had the thought of I’d never, I’m not, will they? I wish I could be…. geepers for goodness sake girl get over yourself, is what I what say now, to my scaredy cat self, something happened along my journey and it happened for good reason, at the time, I didn’t think so, looking back now, I think in a totally different mindset, my pursuit of happiness and good nurture is key to my journey ahead, wether I take photos for fun or for payment, giving myself the lessons is such a loving thing to do, Im so grateful to 4kings1war, thank you, capturing the history from my perspective is a gift Four Kings One War has nurtured me to do, the excitement of this game and the path it journeys is a blessing to showcase the world.

I also encourage new and future players worldwide to play as its not until you play your strategy plan encouragesĀ  morpheus to play at the level you begin at. The better you become at 4kings1war the better Morpheus plays with you, I can see tournaments and competitions arising. Like Chess Love 4Kings1War !Capture the Move

Gaming Platforms join the movement, learn the game Morpheus the AI starts at the free demo level ‘easy’.

4 thoughts on “The 4kings1war Colosseum Gameboard

    • Author gravatar

      Woah! This game and the board are intense! I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It seems you jumped from scaredy-cat to emboldened player in no time. Your story gives hope to others who are excited to begin a fun new challenge. I wish you the best as you learn more with this fascinating setup!

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Cathy :)) LOL Thank you for your comments, Yes at first its intense and right through till the 2kings are captured. I mentioned in my previous post about 4kings1war, I’ve played the game a couple times, due to my scaredy cat nature I throw in the towel, all too easy and go and do some house chores, taking photos of the game in play and learning at my own pace is a much happier place for me. Sharing this fascinating setup with the world is a fantastic challenge, so happy to be a part of it.

    • Author gravatar

      Great read! I’ve never heard of Lightroom before, so thank you for bringing that up! I tend to try so many Photoshop & give up on them because I can’t figure them out or I get impatient with them, so I’m excited to try Lightroom!

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Abby Oh wow! yes Lightroom is fantastic and easy, yes check out Creative Cloud they will have a hub of packages suited to you, if your already a Photoshop user you will understand a lot of what lightroom has to offer, so happy for you that another editing path has been opened for you, good luck in your editing journey.

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