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It’s an honour to review products for future buyers shopping online.

Im not the type of person to just buy anything and hope for the best. That’s a waste of money and no effort had been made to get to know what you’re investing in. 

I feel its an important part of purchasing a product, knowing all you can before pushing that “buy now” button.

This is something very new to me. I tend to take my time, looking at many similar products when buying online.

The Items I’ve sourced fall into 2 catergories.

1. I’ve brought, and I’ve used and 100% share. 

2. Research and compared to my best judgment, I’ve chosen the preferred product.

Here I will provide useful information that may help you make a decision in purchasing OR help you gain more information before purchasing your product.

Information such as customer experience in purchasing, and overall customer service in product knowledge, delivery options are all facuets important to the customer.

Any concerns with product brought via traffic of feel free to type base to myself (Erika) I will be happy to help you to the best of my ability.

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