Review on Bachelor gifts and planning events

Well you know there is so much to organise, and being chosen for the Best mans duty. It’s fabulous to know help is around if you need it. Review products that could be of service to you, seems that your are getting married possibly? or you’re the best man for this Bachelor event? Cool 🙂 Im going to review different products I have added to my blog on bachelor parties that may help you with organising for your pre Groom.

Food is a biggie and if you plan a shin dig for your Bachelor at home or somewhere food is not served, like a hired hall or club Uber Eats can come to your rescue with the most delicious choices of food. I mean anything your taste buds desire as long as its Japanese, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Korean, Greek, desserts too and Mac Donalds, they are at your service nearly 24/7.


Just the thought of pre ordering food, is one less mind worry to think about, they even have utensils to eat with, but you must ask otherwise the food order will come with no utensils. So easy peasy pre order the meals for everyone and pay. Now the rest of the night you can party!! The link I have is only available for New Zealand residents, actual I’ll find out for sure, though I’m sure there are many Uber eats or food deliveries, on the go which ever country you maybe reading this from!

How about the whole party wearing the same t-shirts or hats, say having a theme Bachelor party sounds like a great idea. No worries there, at least theres no losing any of you while your all out celebrating, you can be seen from a distance if your mates are ahead of you. The My Vintage site has some collective Kiwiana wear, that only kiwis have come know of and cannot be found any where else on the planet. If not they are not the real deal, Yeah Nah!

Fantastic if youre looking for something that you know no one else will have. While your’e on that link, check out other gifts and sorts themed for your Bachelor. All the product from My Vintage is authentic to New Zealand. Pricing is affordable and not all gifts suit all, so you do have a range of variety, Love it!

Im making sure the organiser, possibly the Best man can have the best chance in organizing a fantastic party for his Bro, the Groom. This is a time where fun, looking good, feeling good, enjoying the night’s moment’s with a group of friends/family are memories made forever. I just snuck in another great product, this one is from Banjo Beards. These are the last days for the Groom being a single man and like in the latest post, Ideas to celebrate the Stag party are endless. Be Brave, Be Bold, Have Fun !!

Bachelor getaways are a wicked choice and if you can plan ahead of time, The Stag weekend away party will be a memory to hold and to have, for a lifetime. Honestly I would highly suggest a weekend away to the mecca hard out Adrenaline activities in Rotorua or Queesntown in New Zealand. Yes there is some organising to do, but it is the least and the best you could do for your Groom, and I reckon he’ll thank you for it.

Letting the pre bride know of your plans and arrangements with dates and locations is always a good way to keep her in your good books otherwise she could have the potential to close the whole getaway down, before you’ve all leave for the weekend and with competitive getaway prices who could resist?

Im gonna leave this post open for now, I have a few more edits to make over the week. I’ll be back 🙂

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