Parents of the Bride / Who gives the Bride away?

Father of the Bride / Who gives the Bride away?

To give away the Bride, it is with tradition, the father of the bride takes that role and with much pride and honour, walking his little girl down the aisle, its been a life long journey being a father with daughters, as one day she will grow up and meet the man of dreams and want to marry one day. It’s the time when the Father is sometimes caught with a tear in his eye, a bittersweet moment that his little girl has her own man now to share her future with, distant memories come flooding back of his little girl looking up to her Daddy being the most important man in her life, now a new path is about to be etched in life, with a Wedding to plan and celebrate to start with.IMGS4436

Protocol or Dowry

Its tradition for the brides family offer some monetary payment or Dowry to ensure his daughter is lovingly welcomed into and looked after by the husband’s family, as family. As the father of the bride would call the groom and his family in waiting, ‘the In-Laws’. I’m only guessing how the father of the bride would feel, in some bittersweet way, losing his little girl (he really doesn’t), but also giving his beautiful grown daughter away to another man who now has her heart.

My little Princess

Once the ceremony duty is past, now onto family photos and cocktails with time to relax, chitchat and laugh with family and The wedding reception proceedings usually with the bridal party arriving, the Master of Ceremonies welcomes the newly Mr & Mrs first proceeding with the bridal party following.

The roles and responsibilities don’t stop for the father of the bride yet. As the protocol of speeches take their place of the evening, the father of the bride opens with one of the first speeches of the night. Probably a speech he has had written out for a while now or maybe just written a week ago, with thoughts on paper of his daughter when she was much younger and with stories of days gone by, the memories stirred and spoken of, can have the wedding attendees in fits of laughter enjoying the reminiscent times of way back. Funny as some wedding guests may also be raked up in the story of memories of days gone by.

Dance the night away

Lastly is the father and bride dance of remembrance from newborn baby girl to newly wedded daughter, a time for reflection and closeness of a bond so dear. This is usually long after the speeches are had, and the first dance for the new wed couple has been enjoyed.

Mother of the Bride

Wedding days bring hope, love and new beginnings, the mother of the bride has been quietly waiting for this day. This is an important day like no other can compare. After all mother of the bride has been here done this before. Back in the early days it was the mother of the bride’s role to plan her daughters wedding.0W4A9377

Oh my Luck!

Oh my goodness thankfully times have changed. These days most brides to be have their own vision of their perfect day. Luckily most mothers these days are happy to sit back and hold the safety net, should her daughter need a soft place to fall and reflect. Having a place for your daughter to come confide, while you listen and support, being your daughter’s biggest cheer support gives her confidence, nothing like having your mum come help with your most important day. Mother of the bride has a wealth of knowledge from helping to choosing to negotiating to soothing a stressed out bride to be.

What time! ?

Appointments and book-ins can become a little stressful, having a second opinion via your mum can be a major help as there are lots of sorting and appointments to keep up with. Having the delight of being with your daughter, making appointments, finalizing decisions, shopping for this and that, is truly a privilege. Seeing your daughter choose the wedding dress, what a sight of love and happiness. Things are beginning to be very real now, and it won’t be long before the wedding day arrives, until then, the mother of the bride keeps mum about all the details.Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.50.17 AM

Something for the Bride

Often the mother of the bride (mob) will be the one who gifts her daughter with the tradition, something old something new, something borrowed, and something new, these gifts have meanings dating back to European tradition, offering goodness, health, fertility, wealth and longevity. In the place of tradition, there is culture and every country with culture has a ritual to marriage, like a path, that is, the way it is.

In Closing

With so much of today s hustle and bustle in the busy world we live in, its beautiful to see cultures, traditions in marriage being passed on through the family. The one thing never changes and that is LOVE.Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.57.00 AM

In amongst the flurry of collecting ideas for your wedding, I would hope that this read has given you some helpful ideas or even if you have questions to my content please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚

Love and success always

Erika πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Parents of the Bride / Who gives the Bride away?

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      What a lovely read this was. I love traditions and getting to know other culture’s traditions 😊 In my home country, Slovenia, we actually don’t have the tradition of father giving the bride away. Instead, couple walks down the aisle together. But husband to be has to deserve it – he has to come to bride’s family home before going to the church. There, men part of bride’s family prepares different tasks for him, to see if he is capable of taking care of his future wife. If he passes the ‘’test’’, he is allowed to take the bride from her father’s home and marry her.

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Katja

        I love this tradition, the groom to be has to earn and deserve his pending wife and the family decides if he is capable, and once the family decide, the couple walk down the aisle together and for ever after. 

        Many thanks 


    • Author gravatar

      This was BEAUTIFUL.   As a dad with one daughter to go, memories of the past came to mind.  The day she was born then turned blue, me stepping back and praying; the nurses applying an oxygen mask and frantically trying to revive her.  Prayer answered.  Teaching her to cook at age 3, teaching her to play soccer, attending every soccer game through high school, watching her graduate from UF and move to NYC.😢
      Shortly, I will be walking her down the aisle, and her new life will begin.  Memories, memories, and more memories. 
      I have spent my life with her building memories that neither of us will forget.  To me, parenting is teaching, loving, building great memories, and always being there for the children and wife.  One day I will be gone but through the memories we built, I will always be in her heart💕. 
      Thanks and Blessings,

      • Author gravatar

        Oh thats so lovely Leo πŸ™‚ 

        As I can feel through your written words, you are truly a wonderful Dad, like, who wouldn’t want to create memories with their children, I know I certainly I love too, the memories made are so emotional, heartfelt and giving. 

        Congratulations in advance for your daughter and her husband’s wedding day, I truly wish their day to be everything they dreamed it will be. Celebrations to you Leo in walking your daughter down the aisle, what a proud moment for you to always remember. 

        Have a wonderful time filled with fun, love and happiness throughout the whole day. 

        Thank you for your comments they muchly appreciated

        Erika πŸ™‚

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