Ideas to Celebrate the Stag Party

Celebrating the Groom

It’s all well known fact that the Groom will always choose his closest brother/friend to be his Best man. That being said, 90% of the time the Best man has been thru thick and thin with the Groom to be, and would know him very well. So it would be fitting for the Best man and the groomsmen to organise a Bachelor party for the Groom in waiting.

0W4A3959Organisation is the key to a good stag night, all of the little importances of bookings, planning, locations, timming, food, music, entertainment, and making sure that, everybody celebrating with the Groom, can actually make it on the night. I mean no point in making reservations for 20 people when only 5 people can confirm. making sure the Groom does not have to think about anything apart from enjoying his last celebrations as a non married man.

Start organize respectfully

Picking a date or maybe a weekend in advance, it gives everyone time to think about confirming their time to see the groom enjoying his Stag night. Having the Stag 6weeks out from the wedding date is a good starting point, obviously the date can always be changed if the majority of the invitees cannot make that particular date/time.

Make a date or weekend where everyone invited can attend the celebration. The next step is looking at the appropriate entertainment for the Groom. In this instance I would be asking the Groom for suggestions of how he intends to enjoy his stag night.

0W4A5048There is a world full of ideas to celebrate a stags night, it doesn’t necessarily have to be formatted around strippers and boozy interludes at a strip club…. it would be a wise idea if the bride knew of your intentions of planning her fiance’s stag party including visiting a strip club. Just saying out of respect of the Lovers feelings for each other.

Just as the days come closer to the big day, our bride will have her own set of worry worms to add if you choose not to let her know……..she could get extremely fierce and say NO! to anything you may have booked that remotely has and attachment to single women in the vicinity of the impending Stag night. I mean it’s the last emotion you’d wanna ruffle the bride up with. It’s a disaster in the making. So please be respectful.

Ideas for the Stag

Gosh the ideas for a Stag party are endless and all must have the ingredients of fun and carefree entertainment and food. The days of the rowdy Stag nights of way back when it was the done thing to head out to the dark side of town, where the bright pink lights of the strip bars and clubs mixed with heavy drinking, mindless dares, shenanigans and carryons.

All leaving the groom totally wrecked for the next couple days and then facing a load of unwanted questions and dilemmas from the emotionally hurt bride. Leaving you to think if you could change the plans on how to celebrate the Stag’s night you would have immediately re thought the night out with respect. Thankfully nights like this donโ€™t seem to happen as much these days.

0W4A0668In todays Stag preparations there seems to be a more respectful celebration, for example, a day out fishing on a charter, a whiskey tasting and dinner, a bbq at a friends with a few quiet ones, or a weekend away Queenstown or Rotorua in New Zealand, both destinations will have the adrenaline seekers wanting more. These are only a few ideas to celebrate a Grooms stag night to remember.

A few more ideas for you

Hiking StagsHiking and Camping for the weekend. If he likes the outdoors and nature’s playground then this route could be the ideal stag celebration for the groom. Making sure everyone is organised with food supplies, hiking and camping equipment, knowledge of hiking location, up to date weather reports and the destination camp ground booked and confirmed. Also to let friends/family know depart and arrival times as the weather can be changeable from hour to hour.

A night out at the theatre and dinner is always a fun night no matter the drama or excitement the theatre has much to offer. Making sure everyone invited knows where to go and what is happening. A well planned and organised night can be the difference between ‘I thought’ and Wow! that was a fantastic night.

beer tastingBoutique Beer tasting around Auckland City, is a relatively new concept, a little like the wine tasting excursions vineyards have to offer. Being situated around in the city bars, hiring tuktuks to help with transportation from bar to bar, the logistics of knowing where the boutique bars are can be helpful for the tuktuks in making the night run smoothly opposed to waiting for taxis on the side of the city street. Mind the tuktuk drivers as they are only human and not robots to pedal faster ๐Ÿ™‚

Paintball Adrenaline will get the groom either bringing out his inner Rambo or heading for the hills squealing. As said before organising a great night for the groom is of the up most importance and if he is a keen paintballer, then this is definitely a good choice and the night can be finished with a confirmed booking at the grooms favourite restaurant.

Poker stagBlack Jack or Poker night is always a fun night and can be organised at the best mans or one of the groomsmen homes. Organising a night in playing Poker or Black Jack sound great with not much fuss. Great company, great food and drinks and hopefully the groom goes home a winner.

A weekend overseas, Rarotonga, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Australiastag weekend

Clay shooting on Waiheke Island, this choice is great, a ferry trip into the Hauraki gulf destination Waiheke Island, beautiful location filled with many things to do, no experience needed just book confirm and pay, the groom should not have to worry about any finances for the day for any celebration, the skilled instructors are all highly experienced and knowledgeable, some say its a gun club, I would beg to differ due to the clay target and the information given on the use ofย  the rifles. Book a shuttle to the location and of course back home again. Rest review-on-bachelor-gifts-and-planning-events the Stag will be impressed.

Bungy jump off the Sky Tower or the Harbour Bridge. Jump into married life with confidence. lol. This is a fun way to start the Stag night celebrations jumping with your closest Bro’s, its a form of bonding and trust like no other, make sure everyone in the party knows whats going on and are mentally prepared to jump or not, bookings are essential.

Have fun and celebrate your Stag night make it a night to remember the reason why you all are celebrating.

Eat, Love and Party.ย 

In conclusion its all about the Groom celebrating his night or weekend away before the journey into marital bliss. Having his closest and dearest male only mates and family by his side to enjoy the memories made to remember. Some say a festive time out together can be the bonding that subsides the wedding nerves away albeit the wedding is nearing, there maybe still a lot to sort, organise and confirm.

There are a few Stag Planners you can contact if you live in Auckland, New Zealand, they will have all many ideas to suit the Stag/Bucks group for entertainment.


5 thoughts on “Ideas to Celebrate the Stag Party

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      Hello Erika, thank you for sharing these ideas for to celebrate the stag party. Marriage is a good thing, the wedding day is one of the best days that almost everyone want to experience (especially ladies, Ha-Ha). Well, as a man, someday I’d cleave to my wife and we’d become one but before then, it’s an excellent idea to enjoy the stag party. I love the idea of a night out at the theatre and dinner watching some men’s movies, lol and enjoying some excellent dishes. I also love music so it would be excellent to do some music with my guys you know.


      • Author gravatar

        Hey MrBiizy, you are awesome, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes ! omg! Music absolutely. When I think about it, its a no brainer to celebrate with music. Nowadays our society opens up the possibilities of how to enjoy a Stag night however you choose guys ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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      What a wonderful article. It is so nice to see such great ideas for the stereo typical stag party. You’ve really hit on a unique idea. I never had a stag party, but if I ๏ปฟdid, I would have enjoyed some of your ideas. Should I have been presented with a stag party, I wouldn’t go for the typical as I’m not a party goer and never frequent clubs. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

    • Author gravatar

      What a wonderful article. It is so nice to see such great ideas for the stereo typical stag party. You’ve really hit on a unique idea. I never had a stag party, but if I did, I would have enjoyed some of your ideas. Should I have been presented with a stag party, I wouldn’t go for the typical as I’m not a party goer and never frequent clubs. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

      • Author gravatar

        Thank you your’e welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ my view now, as to when I was younger, lol yes the choices are so much more and same for the boys too. It don’t matter how you celebrate, as long as you do with Love ๐Ÿ™‚

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