Four Kings One War
Move Over 64 Squares

Four Kings One War

Wow! This is flipping cool

Received my Diploma in Photography 2012, wow! First timer in passing anything academic lol :)) the feeling of achievement and accomplishment filled my heart with a desire to photograph nearly anything n everything, what a madwoman !! Well thats what my children thought and from that moment on they didn’t want to be photographed by me PERIOD ! ! :((

So wanting to perfect my passion I set out to photograph anything, even in the rain, lol omg! not knowing a genre to concentrate on, I concentrated on everything, until months later, I had burned myself out and became somewhat bored on what to photograph!! but most of all, something to be really proud of……. Our friend Glyn Leggett who literally lived up the road (like walking distance), strolled over with a plastic carrier bag, inside, the contents looking like polystyrene building blocks and chess pieces? Hmm? What is this? Wow! oh its chess! ER UM! NO ITS NOT!! It’s Four Kings One War !! What? Four Kings One War…….. “Four Kings One War”. I like the sound of that, so this is Four Kings One War, wow! not chess?

Four Kings One War. Awesome, amazing, wow! this is flipping cool. Looking across the put together board with the chess pieces set to play, I felt a sense of emotion that i hadn’t experienced before, … like never ever…….. it was like an alien ship had landed on my deck the Summer of 2014.Four Kings One War

Let’s Play! How? Whats the rules?

Since passing my first anything academic photography course, I didn’t have the competitive nerve to play, so I watched two friends play, one teacher, one student, at!! the time, equaling 2 players per game.

So in short the rules are, 2 moves per turn, you have 2 armies in your regiment, so either a move from either of your armies, and again, a move from either of your armies, you have 2 chess sets in your regiment, a black set with silver tops and another black set with gold tops, your opponent has the, white set gold tops and another white set with silver tops.

A couple of links here where to purchase chess pieces pictured in the post. By all means you can use the normal Staunton chess pieces just as long as each player has either the 2 darker chess piece sets (Black and Green) as the opponent will have the 2 lighter sets (White and Cream).

Are the moves the same as chess? Same same but different

I know this because I watch 2 friends play consistently, well thats a lie! Busy days of our lives forever moving forward, they play when they can and I watch sometimes…….. Italfama Chess Pieces

Pawns can place up to 1, 2 or 3 squares in a move, remember thats 1 move you have 2 moves. You cannot move the same piece twice apart from the (Knight). When attacking, the pawn may only capture in a forward diagonal motion and may not capture directly straight forward or sideways.

Rook moves like as in chess, horizontal and vertical only the Rook’s path can be blocked by other #4kings1war pieces on the game board.

Knight can choose to double hop or not in one move… what does that mean? So the knight’s move is unusual among chess and same same but different to It moves like the letter L, so it can move one square vertically and two squares horizontally or one square horizontal and two vertical, with the added hop #4kings1war the knight can double hop, meaning the Knight can jump two L letter’s in one move, as long as the transition square is clear.

Bishop moves like as in chess, diagonally, same same, only the bishop’s path can be blocked by other pieces on the #4kings1war board.

Queen moves like as in chess, horizontally, vertically & diagonally, therefore combining both the Rook and Bishops moves as her own making her one of the most powerful pieces but not the most important piece.

The King can move only one square at a time though in any direction (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) unless the square is already occupied by a friendly piece or the move would place the king in check.

Then theres that castling thing too, a move between the Rook and the King which then they can only be moved at the same time if neither piece has been moved yet while game in play.

How many squares on the board? Move over 64 squares

And this is just me listening in on the conversation and banter. There’s 192 squares on the 4k1w board, a huge playing space, which opens up play for, hidden attacks, welcome! each player having 2 moves per turn, also gorilla warfare tactics, makes for a new arena to be challenged at Wanna enter the digital arenas to play 4kings1war? to have access, join the community visit with details a free key can be downloaded.Move Over 64 Squares

Anything else about the rules and moves for #4k1w head on over to

And that was just the start. Everything in between then and now

Having the pleasure moving forward photographing this game in play, there have been many positive moments and celebrations thus far, forging through hardened chess fanatics, chess variant lovers and newbies, all welcome to Four Kings One War. My journey with 4Kings1War continues its enjoyable and an exciting path, capturing the emotions of winner takes all and the loser humbled and determined for another game.

Many introductions this game has met with wide eyes and intriguing minds and no doubt the foreseeable future will hold many more wannabe players gazes to. The images I share are in love of the movement, and the game, knowing this is the beginning of my journey in writing, albeit about me and my journey, I look forward to many more exciting writing ventures hopefully across the planet about what 4kings1war the brand, can do for your community and the people.COmmunity helping communities

6 thoughts on “Four Kings One War

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      Hello. Thanks for sharing with us such an amazing article. 

      For me is the first time when i hear about this game Four king and one war.  My first thought is at the Game of Thrones series where many kings were involved in a single war. I think you’ve seen it, if I don’t recommend it with confidence. It sounds like a very interesting game, but most of all I like these games because you develop your creativity and imagination.

      I really want to share this article on my social media account. I hope my friends will learn the rules of these games and we will play together. Thank again for this. Wish you all the best! 

      • Author gravatar

        Hey 🙂 Thank you for reading and your comment. Yes plz share this article to your social media, I really hope you and your friends learn to play and love to play more the game 4kings1war. 

        Yes lol I have watched some of the Game of Thrones series and yes I agree with you 4kings1war has that element of slash, love, hate and fight or be killed to the game. 

        I can imagine many a different series of the 4kings1war game being brought such a the Lego series or Samari or Viking series. This game of 4kings1war we hope to eventually make a household name or at least keep trying.

    • Author gravatar

      Excellent post! I myself love photography although I haven’t done it for a while. I still have an Olympas film camera ‘) I’ve not heard of this game before though you have me intrigued, not only because it’s got a cool name but also because I’m really interested in Chess. Is it just in the US or is it global? 


      • Author gravatar

        Hey Pete 

        Thank you, yes love to take pics but the technical side of photography is not my gig. 4Kings1war is a chessic variant. I feel if you like chess Pete you’ll be down the rabbit hole with 4kings1war. We are located in Auckland, New Zealand, our players are worldwide, mainly in the US but it is Global. 

        I have a couple more posts on 4k1w on my site where you can click a link to take you to the Steam platform where the online version is being housed. Your most welcome to try your skill with Morpheus the 4k1w AI. 

        We have big aspirations for this game worldwide and with more people having an interest in the game wether playing, investing, repping or sharing, Im all for it. 

        Thank you for your feedback 

        Erika 🙂 

    • Author gravatar

      Hello. Thanks for sharing such an awesome article. Your writing skills are so nice, wonderful, interesting and informative about Four kings one war. For me, the first time I heard of this game was four kings and war. My first thought was in the Game of Thrones series where many kings were involved in a single battle. If I didn’t offer it with confidence I would have thought you had seen it. It sounds like a very interesting game but for the most part, I like these games because you developed your own creativity and imagination.

      I really want to share this article on my social media account. I hope my friends learn the rules of these games and we play together. Thanks again for this. Good luck to you

      • Author gravatar

        Hey thank you for you positive comments, lovely feeling when someone has interest in your interest, yes please by all means share on your social media, download steam if you can and learn to play against Morpheus our 4Kings1War AI. 

        He has different levels, of course the easy level is a good starting point and is relatively easy, its a good place to get to know the rules and how the pieces move as well. 

        Yes 2 two player game, it would be wonderful to see your friends playing 4kings1war, maybe share with me some pics of you all playing 4kings1war, that would make my day.

        For now enjoy the game, i look forward to hearing from sometime.

        Erika 🙂

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