Four Kings One War

Four Kings One War Clock Timers

Ready Set, Go!

Just about everyone enjoys fair play, sometimes players don’t want to play fair. For some reason they are on the urgency bus which can cause pressure and panic for the player. Nothing like setting the bar for drama and urgency in a Four Kings One War game and I’ve seen plenty of opponents go down the rabbit hole, head spinning in urgency and racing to keep in front of the chess clock timer. Page-018That’s when you see the measure of the strategist, they either fall or they start to build and set up their opportunities for future hidden attacks. 

It’s your Move

Keep in mind, the Four Kings One War game each opponent has 2 moves each per turn, so while you may have one move sorted, you still have another move to take before the chess timer reaches 00.00. This is a strategy of the 4k1w game, because while the 2 moves per turn, you think yes! I have another turn, it’s the thought process of where do I make my move? Am I setting myself up for a hidden attack? omg! Wait can I move into position where I can have a secret hidden attack set up? How time is left on the chess clock timer?0W4A0668

Attacked from where! How?

A hidden attack is when you have 2 pieces set up for cover and the other chess piece to take out the opponents piece, first one is the hidden cover, move that piece out of the way, that’s one move and then on your 2nd move is to strike your opponent high ranking chess piece. All the while now the handy chess timer is counting down. Usually with a move like this can be unsettling for the opponent whose been attacked. So now on the back foot the attacking player is on the lookout for further attack, careful of that timer, it’ll go off any second.   

Tick tick!

So the timer is counting down, argh! the opponent has to make a move. Don’t want to make a careless move and leave yourself open, what do you do? Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 2.17.26 PMAs in the strategy move explained in last paragraph, the opponent taking that hidden attack hit can be rattled severely, so in the moments of the chess clock timer counting down, a tip that you could do is quickly move your low ranking pieces around and I mean quickly (and hit the chess timer clock) as this can give you time to check out your opponent’s positioning. So now they are looking at their positioning with urgency as the chess timers are counting down. Beware as your opponent maybe on the same mindset as you and do the same moves just as quick.

4kings1war Clock Timer

The chess clock timer has 2 clocks, one for each player, each clock has a button to stop the timer while the opponents clock starts, the two clocks will never run at the same time. The reason is to keep track of the time each player takes for their moves, and makes sure there are no delays throughout the game. The Clock Timer Pictured above is perfect for the 4 kings1 war game, like chess, it’s a 2 player game. Of course the time settings would be set up just as the same as Chess.   There can be an air of impatience within the 4kings1war game when no timer is used, this strategy can cause disruption and flow. In an instance where the timer is not present a mobile ph timer could be used.

Time is Ticking

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