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This is a special time to sit and think about the important people in your live’s, like, who’s there for you? Apart from your Parents, anyone you choose will have the qualities fit for the exclusive right as part of your Bridal Party.

Let’s look at the Bridal Party.

After all, each person/s role in the bridal party has an important placement, right thru to the gorgeous flower girl and dashing page boy. There is no rule as to how many people in your bridal party you both agree too, as everyone’s wedding is different. You absolutely do not have to do as the next bride and groom did, after all individuality is so beautiful.

When you mix love into the reason of getting married, it becomes like a journal full of exciting things with bookings and appointments to journey through. Don’t be too worried about who you can’t have as you both will have spoken in depth, these close and important conversations with each other are fabulous seeds of together forever, making plans and confirming decisions for a life with each other, this is only the beginning of many decisions and questions you both will endeavour throughout your married lives together. So who should we talk about first? Let’s go with Guys first πŸ™‚

The Best Man

He’s like the Groom’s wing man, haha and probably vice versa The choosing would probably go without saying, he’s usually the brother or the best friend of the Groom. Through thick and thin these two men have ventured the amazing, the good, the bad and the ugly and possibly the embarrassing. Choosing the wedding attire is a biggie, so having your colour and theme agreed on makes the choosing of the wedding attire so much easier. The tight-knit of friendship value, whether family or friend, you instinctively know each other very well and would probably go as far as to steal the bride from her own family just so no other man can marry her.

To think that, that actually did happen back into the days of 16th century Germanic Goth days. The bride would be held hostage until the day of the wedding, where the best man and his entourage of groomsmen would carry the captured bride to the groom, and then guard her as captive from her relatives and other suitors, until the ceremony was signed and stamped with approval. Thank goodness those days are far gone, and the ambiance is set in the vibration of love.

The Best man has an expectation to be there for the Groom at all times, quite possibly the groom will be very nervous waiting for his bride, having family and friends, along with the in-laws and their family all watching and waiting, it’s a moment looking over to your Best man knowing he has your back, reassuring calm can make a huge difference in confidence when waiting for your beautiful bride. A gesture in a gift, as a token of thankfulness and gratitude, given with much respect to the Best Man from the Groom for everything leading up th the wedding day.

Maid of Honour

To be asked “Will you be my Maid of Honour”? Is such an honour, and to accept is no easy ride of rainbows and unicorns. The duties incurred, can be a myriad of expectations from being number one anything from wedding shopping partner to a shoulder to cry on when decisions and deadlines are due. A different prospective will always be heard from your trusted Maid of Honour.

The Maid of honour duty up holds the bride in waiting, she’s the bride’s wing buddy. The one that fluffs the brides bridal dress train. Keeps an eye on her step as she walks down the aisle, holds her flowers for her while the bride puts the ring on her new husband’s finger and has her ring slipped on too. She’s also the one who signs the wedding certificate as one of the two official marriage witnesses.

So many parties to collaborate, prepare and celebrate, you know the ones, the Bachelorette, plan and host a wedding shower, help with plans toward the dinner and wedding rehearsals, collecting RSVP s invitees and listing Thank you cards also helping with choosing a wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses (help with choices of styles, colours, material), flower girl/s dresses, helping with RSVP s. The Maid of honour is just as busy as the bride, after all the MOH is the bride’s go to for all things Wedding. Lastly after the ceremony and wedding photo shoot, it’s a little speech at the reception and then a dance with the best man for the bridal couple’s first dance.

The time it’s taken to prepare for the wedding day, the Maid of honour has taken it in her stride to help her bride get through all the appointments, bookings, parties and dinners leading up to the bride’s wedding day, I would only wish that your maid of honour will be the best she can be for you on your wedding.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Are the life of the party, hold up, wait! That’s after the couple is married πŸ™‚ So what are their duties pre Wedding Well usually it’s the bridesmaids and groomsmen who are expected to help, plan and attend all pre wedding parties, ie: Dinner pre wedding rehearsals, bacholerette, bacholer and wedding shower parties.

Yes! if money is tight, pay for your own bridesmaid dress or groomsmen kit, it will be appreciated, being a support for both the bride and groom comes with also maturity as times will get stressful and on one wants to be blamed for upsetting the bride or the groom, so being a good listener is the best you can offer in stressful times.

The celebrations are usually in full swing pre wedding, you know the bachelor party, bacholerette party, wedding rehearsals, wedding showers, a little quiet BBQ, the celebrations can be and will be exhausting, so keep an eye on your pre bride and groom, as their wedding day nears, as they will thank you for caring.

Flower girls andΒ  Page boys

Are just the cutest aren’t they? Especially when they are prepared to do something very special, such as being a part of a bridal party. The wedding day ceremony can be emotional for the littlies, having them walk down the aisle together blowing bubbles or lovingly drop rose petals down the aisle or even tossing confetti leaving a trail for the bridal party to follow can be a fun moment and also the photographer will enjoy getting a few candid s in shot. Both the flower girl and pageboy walking the aisle together visually will be a moment symbolizing purity, love and fertility, such a cute symbolic way to introduce the bride to the ceremony.


Finally the whole bridal is complete, the best man, groomsmen, the maid of honour, bridesmaids the pageboy and flower girl all encapsulated and excited for the bride and groom to celebrate their happy lovers day. Such preparation has gone into the fittings and parties, the bookings and appointments, the conversations, the emotions, the spending and the manifestations all coming together for one big day of Love and fun filled celebrations. It’s easy to get caught up in the day of celebrating and why the hell shouldn’t you enjoy a moment in time when everyone is enjoying the same feeling of love.

In amongst the flurry of collecting ideas for your wedding, I would hope that this read has given you some helpful ideas or even if you have questions to my content please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚

Love and success always

Erika πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Bridal Party

    • Author gravatar

      Amazing article. Marriage is a beautiful thing and according to my belief, the bridal party is once in a lifetime event. Hey, I can’t wait to get married to the love of my life and have her all to myself 😊…

      From what I have experienced so far in those that we planned together, getting prepared for this event is a tedious process fill with stress; the bride and groom needs to make some agreement and even in my country, it is very important to involve the family in this agreement. Once done, everyone gets relief and sigh for joy for the fact that it is done.

      There was a little fight in the previous one I attended. Thank God the issue was resolved.

      Compliment of the season.

      • Author gravatar

        Thank you Mr Biizy

        Oh the art of getting married, I say put it all in a pot and stir it lovingly, the stresses and the joys all together to make one big celebration love day.

        I wish you all the beauty God pleases you and your fiance with, on your future wedding day.


    • Author gravatar

      I must say marriage is one thing that spark joy in heart of everyone…which make is a wonder and very adorable thing.from were I can from the bride and groom has to agree before things can take place and sometimes the parents of both people must be part of the agreement.marriage planning is a very tedious process if one is to go into it he or she should be well prepared

      • Author gravatar

        Thank you for your comment, the happiness and joy coming from a pure love source of two people in love. Yes many cultural aspects no matter where on the planet is a respectful and yes tedious process, not done properly it could go horribly wrong and remembered for years as a insult to the families getting married, as its not just the bride and groom is it Feji ben?

    • Author gravatar

      Oh but things were a little simpler for me and my hubby to be. We both wanted small and simple, especially since we were the ones footing the bill. I had two wedding showers, no bachelorette party. I had one bridesmaid, my sister-in-law and my matron of honor was my sister, since my best friend couldn’t leave college on the weekend chosen for my wedding. His father was his best man and a good friend took hubby to be out for a drink to rehash “remember when”. My rehearsal “dinner” was an assortment of homemade cookies that my soon to be mother-in-law had baked herself that day. I chose a simple bouquet of white Shasta daisies for me to carry and one long stem yellow rose for my bridesmaid and matron of honor to carry and yellow rose boutineers for his attendants and the pastor who performed the ceremony. The reception was just as simple with a small wedding cake and punch along with nuts and dinner mints. That was my personal wedding experience. I only had one child, a son, so I never got to help plan for his wedding. The bride and her family did everything as my health was bad and I had two months previously lost my mother. Oh and as far as my wedding dress, which I still have, my mother made it. As with the wedding, it too was simple, just a long a-line white floor length dress. The fabric was simply a double knit, which was the material for most everything homemade back then. My veil was a large bow made from the same material as my dress with shoulder length toulle on the back of the bow. My opinion of weddings should be what the bride and groom want. Parents need to be around to offer advice but gracefully back off when the advice is not taken. I believe that this is where a lot of wedding stress stems from. It’s your special day and although parents are generally footing the bill, don’t become browbeaten by trying to make the perfect wedding for them. 

      • Author gravatar

        oh wow! Charlotte, you are beautiful !! 

        No matter how simple things were at your wedding, amongst it all, was Love. 

        Some marriages don’t start out that way but the common denominator through most weddings, is Love.

        Im sorry for your loss of your Mum and also happy for your son finding his Love. I do hope your are resting and healing yourself back to a healthy status.

        Thank you for your comments


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