Big Day Plans

The Preparation

Such exciting times for couples who are engaged, it’s the next step of being in love and being engaged, is getting Married. There’s no right or wrong way to making your way up the isle, the exciting part is planning for that Important day.0W4A9087Elle and Anton Robinson-2As the chosen wedding photographer, the imagery is my story of the Lovers day, from the opening enquiry via ph call to the married couple enjoying the memories captured via album or online, sitting with a cuppa (maybe) months after the memorable day.

It’s such a reflective time to view wedding imagery, it’s still fresh but now a memory, if it was me, I’d want the images to be just how the actual day was. Bringing all the moments together I probably missed many family and friends enjoying our day just thru sheer living our love day.

So about your Love day……

First Meeting is a…..

The first meeting is an exciting time to get to know the clients, over a light refreshment in studio or a cafe location, with positive anticipation, pen handy and handbook pages of questions and hopefully a library of answers for the excited couple, you all meet and plan on a journey about how you, showcase their Love day, and what it means to them. _MG_9117After some conversation the couple agree and the wedding package is finalized with details, signatures on contract and deposit are taken. These details are really important as they hold a protocol of your business and how shooting weddings can made easy and structured for your clients to understand that their happiness is your priority on the day. ie; details to have the wedding ceremony device free and unplugged, that way the Pro photog is not getting in the way of Aunty takes-alot-of-photos and can have the freedom to shoot professionally.

With their choices …

The clients are satisfied and their day is getting closer, the rehearsals and also hair and make-up trials offer great moments for the bride and groom to get to know you and most of all feel comfortable in and around your lens. Finding the couple that is happy to trial shoot on days that can coincide with the hair, make up, rehearsals and possibly location gives them a feeling of comfort, getting to know each other, showing little snippets of images, and enjoying the moment knowing that the couple is comfortable is just a fantastic feeling. _MG_8759Knowing your tools is essential your camera and flash functions, it’s imperative to have back up camera, flash, memory cards, batteries all ready to go if needed as a Love day can change quickly and if your not equipped with back up equipment, it’s OH NO! Generally not often but mechanical failure can arise, lol and rest assured it’ll happen when you least expect it! It’s the unexpected happening just when it wasn’t planned and the newly married couple’s choices and expectations have been lessened.

The Wedding Day has arrived

The Wedding day is filled with the emotion of Love as it appears effortlessly, both bride and groom are excited, all the choices, trials, fittings, tastings and purchases, all lead to this significant day, capturing the bride getting ready, her bridesmaids are beautifully gracious and fun, this is a time of candid shots and with a bit of guidance from the photog, beautiful images can be captured, happy, cheeky, composed, and staged, all the whilst hair and make up is in full action mode. 0W4A6198The rings are not to be forgotten as they hold the significance of the celebration, a collective array of images.

Having a 2nd shooter can have time saving positives, invest in one you can rely on to have the same shoot style as yourself, as the 2nd shooter they are your eyes when capturing the groom and groomsmen and other details ie; table settings, invitations, cake, the venue and the invitees arriving to the ceremony, there’s a lot to capture in a time schedule, have a bottle water on hand as the whirl of wedding flurry can be dehydrating especially in the months of summer.

Here comes the bride

Everything is set and everyone wants to see the bride, by now my emotion is on high alert, waiting for the bride and her bridesmaids to make their entrance, this is the moment when I can feel and hear my heartbeat, it’s a wonderful place to be in the moment and capturing candid beauty, all the guests have love heart eyes and the groom is waiting with anticipation to see his one walk toward him. 0W4A0105Everything is timed to flow, if your budget has allowed for a wedding planner, the flow of the rest of the day to the evening celebrations should flow smoothly, if no wedding planner than the Master of Ceremonies will have the time schedule, usually it’s angle shooting of the Lovers completing their I do’s with a kiss and a few shots to capture the excitement called Love.

The Bridal Photos

The transition to group photos and immediate family members with the bride and groom shoots come in quick succession due to the food and drinks and also dusk is making her way in, this is my golden hour of opportunity capturing wedded bliss, the whole bridal party head out to a designated location, a place of significance to the bride and groom, we’ve already being at the trial shoot same location, the happy couple are excited and feel a sense of contentment knowing their images will be as they expected…… in that golden hour, brownies honor ‘Be Prepared’ know your placements and poses for everyone and of course have fun and laughter a glass of bubbles for the bridal to celebrate does wonders for their nerves and lightens the moment. Elle and Anton Robinson-708The next shot is the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen party walking in followed by the newly-weds, this is a momentous moment to capture, the music is playing and the Bridal Party has arrived to celebrate the night away. The feasting begins and this when a break is offered, time to refuel and prep for the next stage of the wedding celebrations being the cutting of the cake, speeches and laughter all gearing for the party ahead, usually around that time it’s the first dance for the married couple, it can be very sensual and romantic smothered in Love, a beautiful moment to capture.

They can’t wait to see the images

Viewing time can often bring a mixture of emotions, happy ones mostly and the looming question arrives….. When can we have our photos? It takes up to 3months with some wedphotogs, if im not too busy 6wks is a good length, in this time the edit can be where the mechanics of the business is, thank goodness for Lightroom, it is my preferred editing vehicle, the tools are simple and user friendly, there also a training guide that helps you thru the app for new users. Adobe holds the downloadable app for a monthly/yearly subscription in creative cloud, there are many other editing apps, available on mobile and desktop, it’s just a matter of finding what suits and works for you. Also, there are many tailored edited presets that lightroom offers for images to suit the client no matter the season or the event.

IMGL2203All in all the end result is a happily married couple with captured memories they can love and be proud of.

In amongst the flurry of collecting ideas for your wedding, I would hope that this read has given you some helpful ideas or even if you have questions to my content please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Love and success always

Erika 🙂

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