About Me

Hey :))

Writing about what interests me, wasn’t hard, it’s making it work in a niche where I can incorporate all things I love. To make it flow with ease.

1. #4kings1war or is another exciting venture I photograph, its a strategy board game inspired by chess, my 2 friends who drive this passion are paving out a new pathway for future generations to play #4kings1war, Im lucky enough to photograph the history and the events this intriguing board game entering onto multimedia platforms on the planet. They have my support,  the future of this game will truely make a difference in sharing LOVE worldwide.

2. Weddings I photograph on referral only, its something I like, though I prefer rather talk about Weddings rather than photograph them. As the whole arrangement of getting married is such flurry of wonder, love and happiness.

3. Essential oils is an exciting genre that interests me. Products made with essential oils,  like home remedies, I like to write about, then showcase them via facebook or instagram and now on the www., it helps people who want to learn more about the oils. All that coming soon on a separate site as the info is large.

Though my interests do change, but theres always room and time for a Special Wedding Shoot, photographing mother nature is another interest too .


Married, with 4 beautiful children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Life sure has its fair share of ups and downs, finding the silver lining and making something of myself that Im proud of….. Im all for that!

A Diploma in Professional Photography, and now a path for Creative writing and marketing online, together these things make a passionate and enjoyable learning journey for me.


Helping others means giving something of yourself to another, I love that feeling of self-fullness, such a wonderful feeling to have someone happy because of LOVE :)) No expectations.


Showcase My Passion, All the things I love My Brand

Feel free to leave questions below and I will be more than happy to talk to you.

One Love,

Erika :))